ISO 9001

ISO 14001


for quick elimination and repair of damages, connections of cast-iron, steel, plastic, concrete, and other types of pipes


What problems do clamps solve

  • grubs in pipes;
  • rusting of individual pipe sections;
  • the occurrence of cracks of various sizes – the pipe tyre is applicable to defects of different sizes;
  • break of the pipe plane – in this situation, the clamp is used as a fastening element, which not only eliminates the breakage, but also fixes the pipe section on the ceiling or walls;
  • errors resulting from incorrect welding;
  • needle-shaped holes;
  • mechanical damages

Clamp advantages

  1. The clamp has a rubber seal designed to ensure the tightness of the pipes being repaired.
  2. The seal is made of food grade rubber, which allows the use of clamps in the food industry, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination
  3. The clamp temperature condition is from -30°C to +80°C.
  4. Steel tie bar, retaining grip, and studs made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel.
  5. Installation of clamps can be carried out without shutting down the system.
  6. The clamp stud is treated with a special coating that prevents biting and loosening of the nut along the thread.

Fields of application


Connections or pipe joint


Irregularities in the pipe joint


Longitudinal cracks


Welding damage


Pipe fracture


Needle-shaped hole

Ø Clamp diameters, mm


  • 73-80
  • 82-89
  • 90-99
  • 108-118
  • 113-123
  • 135-145
  • 157-168
  • 159-170
  • 165-175
  • 219-229
  • 273-283
  • 310-320
  • 330-340
  • 340-350


  • 420-440
  • 440-460
  • 520-540
  • 540-560
  • 630-650
  • 650-670


  • 720-740
  • 740-760
  • 840-860
  • 920-940
  • 940-960
  • 1020-1040

A clamp with any diameter is available in different widths:

-L 150mm two studs

-L 200mm two studs

-L 300mm three studs

-L 400mm four studs

-L 500mm five studs

homut-incline high quality AISI 304 stainless steel

Using clamps

The product warranty is 15 years!

The use of clamps makes sense on straight pipe runs only. It is not recommended to install clamps at joints or bends.

Pipe materials do not matter: steel, cast iron, various plastic options.

It is possible to install steel clamps on asbestos-cement pipes, since the one-piece brackets fit tightly to the pipe surface, as a result of which such a “patch” perfectly resists significant loads.

Installation is very simple and it does not take much time. Install the clamp on the damaged section of the pipe so that the lock is on the opposite side of the damage, and tighten the nuts.

All products of Alternative sources, LLC (ТОВ "Альтернативные источники") are certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate.

Also, there is a conclusion of a sanitary and epidemiological examination for repair-connecting clamps, which confirms the use of clamps in the food industry.

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